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Why buy from us?

Luxor Health only offers the finest of each and every product in the marketplace we can provide, we want to be proud to place our name on any product we sell. We are truly passionate about delivering the products that will allow you to fully enjoy your greatest assets — your comfort & well-being.


All our products are rigorously tested by our manufacturers — it is important to us to know the quality of our products before we place our name brand on any product. We also do our own engineering and testing on the products to have them custom-made to our satisfaction.


Luxor Health provides the best quality products at the best overall prices in North America. As we control the importing, manufacturing process, and quality control of the product, our customers get wholesale direct prices that save up to 70% off retail.


We stand behind all our products with our limited warranties, and offer extended warranties that cover you for life. Unlike any other company, we include comprehensive coverage on electrical, mechanical and even the cosmetics elements on our massage chairs. Even if something is damaged by accident, you are still covered.


" I did several months of research before buying a massage chair from Luxor Health. I did research on the Internet and also in person. I checked out chairs in Alberta and British Columbia, I loved many of the chairs but the prices were ridiculous. When I gave Luxor Health my chair make and model they were able to find it and a few weeks later had it shipped to me. The chair works great and has every function you could want. The best part was the price was nearly $2,000 less than the EXACT same chair I found in the store. I have used it for nearly 6 months and it works great. I look forward to using it everyday after work. Thank you so much. "

— Mark Wharton, Whitehorse, YK (LH-A1 Massage Chair)

" I love my chair, it puts me into relaxation mode every time. I don't need to say any more. It's an amazingly comfortable and attractive chair. It has all the different options and best of all it puts me in a great mood. Thanks! "

— Robert Tumillo, Winnipeg, MB (LH-B1 Massage Chair)

" I love my electric bike which I got from Luxor Health. I researched electric bikes for about two years before buying this one. When I saw your bike I knew this is the one I wanted and after a test ride this confirmed it. I use my electric bikes for errands, commuting, exercise and "nature therapy." Being outside in the fresh air on this bike is way to much fun. I have ridden it for some 700 KM so far without any problems. "

— Nancy Wright, Calgary, AB (Luxor Tonaro E Bicycle)

" I use it almost every day. It's just perfect in every way and can't think of a thing to improve it. I absolutely love it! The arm massage is a wonderful addition especially to relieve my many ailments. It's wonderful to have something to relieve all my pains. Thank you. "

— Brenda Cook, Port Moody, BC (LH-C1 Massage Chair)