Luxor Health LH-1 Inversion Table

Luxor Health LH-1 Inversion Table

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Our inversion tables would retail at $400.00 plus in stores but we sell direct at wholesale prices, we have added a heavy steel pin locking system with 4 different stopping positions. Plus with the pin removed it goes beyond full inversion at about 190 degrees, this allows you to fully invert and hang from your feet without the backrest against you, this allows you to twist and turn side to side without the backboard preventing this.

We also offer a free AC powered adjustable back massager with heat & 3 power settings and a remote controller.

We have gone over our inversion tables in many ways to give them the strength to qualify as they have at the 450 pound safety rating, read below and you can see what we have done to achieve this and make our inversion tables one of the best and strongest on the market at a great price.


  • The headrest and back board made with 1/2 inch thick plywood inside as many others use thinner plywood and even particle board of 1 centimeter or less.
  • Solid steel flanged inserts used on the front side of the wood before the covering is added, this makes it impossible for the bolts on the backside to pull through the plywood and adds much more strength.
  • Upgraded steel hardware ( screws, nuts and bolts.) as many others are made with low grade steel, low grade steel hardware that can break or shear from constant movement over time causing collapse and injury.
  • All the hardware in an organized kit where all is numbered in the manual for easy assembly, many others give you a bag of low grade steel nuts and bolts with a basic manual to figure out on your own.
  • Added a locking pin system with 4 positions, this allows you to find what position is most comfortable for you. Most other have a basic strap you have to adjust to all different positions.
  • Revised a new manual that is easy to understand with numbered hardware and pictures added for easy, proper and safe assembly.
  • Added a FREE A/C wall powered back massager with a remote that can be moved up and down the backboard, it also has 3 settings of massage.
  • A safety sheet has been added to be placed beside the machine for all to see, these are not toys and need to be treated with much care. If the height has been changed since the last use it can be off balanced for the next user, very important to always check before use.
  • Adjustable Back Massager With Remote.
  • Adjustable User Heights (4'10" To 6'6").
  • Beyond 180 Degree Inversion With 4 Locking Inversion Positions.
  • Weight 66 lbs.
  • Padded Ankle Clamps For Better Support And Comfort.
  • Large Base To Provide You With Stable Inversion.
  • Auto Locking Hinges.
  • Specialized Pivot Bearings.
  • Heat Treated High Carbon Steel.
  • De Rattler Knob.
  • Triple Plated Chrome Main Shaft.
  • 3 Position Roller Hinges Provides Control Speed Of Rotation.
  • Free AC Remote Back Massager With 3 Power Settings


There are many Health benefit claims made about inversion therapy, this is a product to keep you fit and help reduce back and other pains in the body. You can search online to find out for yourself if there are benefits for you or not. You can also contact your family Doctor to ask for an opinion.

Benefit claims made about Inversion Tables

  • Convenient And Enjoyable.
  • Improves Blood Circulation And Posture.
  • Increases Energy Levels.
  • Increases Mental Alertness.
  • Increases Body Flexibility.
  • Reduces Back Pain.
  • Reduces Fatigue And Stress.
  • Decompresses Spinal Discs.
  • Helps Increase Hair Growth.
  • Relieve Stress.
  • Regain Height Lost Over Time Through Aging.
  • Increases Oxygen To The Brain.
  • Fights Cellulite.
  • Reduce Hair Loss.
  • Relieves Varicose Veins

The constant pull of gravity is the most powerful force your body will experience in your lifetime. Inversion therapy is a natural way to relieve back pain, increase circulation, and reduce stress and tension on the body.

An inversion table allows you to safely rotate your body to any angle you prefer, this produces a natural gentle stretching of the spine that will help reduce the loss of height caused by the effects of gravity. Being inverted also offer so many health benefits.

If you are suffering from back pain, stress or poor circulation, we recommend that you give an Inversion Table a try. For those who are not familiar with it, inversion therapy involves hanging upside down to use your body weight and the force of gravity as traction to release pressure and stress on your spine. Inversion is often used to treat back pain, to improve posture, reduce headache, and relieve stress.


  1. When you assemble the table frame do so with all nuts and bolts placed loosely first, then tighten each joint moving from side to side a little at a time until good and snug. To fully tighten one joint at a time can cause the frame to twist and be off balance.
  2. Never use this product without a spotter (other person) to prevent any injuries.
  3. Never use use this product to invert unless it is fully adjusted to the accurate height for the person using it every use, someone may have changed it since your last use.
  4. Never allow children to use this product.
  5. Before every use go over the unit and make sure all nuts and bolts are secure and tight, movement can cause loosening over time and make it unsafe.
  6. Before attempting to invert yourself, make sure your feet are fully secured and the locking pin has clicked fully in place. (best to have the spotter secure your feet and the locking pin into position).
  7. This table is for doing inversions only, it is not a sit ups machine as constant stresses caused by fluctuation can cause stress fractures to hardware or the frame over time and possible collapse causing injuries.
  8. Make sure if you ever decide to sell your inversion table that the buyer is aware of all safety and usage rules, they must read all disclaimer and be supplied the safety rules along with the manual. They must be 280 Lbs in weight or less, people over 280 pounds are not allowed to use the inversion table due to possible ankle and foot injuries caused by their own weight, they are not allowed due to liability reasons as well.