Luxor Health A-Series Massage Chair
Luxor Health A-Series Massage Chair
Luxor Health A-Series Massage Chair
Luxor Health A-Series Massage Chair
Luxor Health A-Series Massage Chair
Luxor Health A-Series Massage Chair
Luxor Health A-Series Massage Chair
Luxor Health A-Series Massage Chair

Luxor Health A-Series Massage Chair

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Our A series chair has all the massage functions with Zero gravity and beyond, added heat therapy for the back and feet along with a hand held jade heater for other parts of the body. MP3 player with headphones and all the functions you could ask for. Our A series chair gives a very deep massage from head to and has the added zero gravity function.

This exact same chair from the exact same manufacturer retails up to $5,500.00 at Canadian massage chairs stores across Canada, our A series chair is the exact same chair from the exact same manufacturer. A great massage chair and one of our most popular and top selling models. You can click on the chair picture or colors tab to the right to see the functions and other colors available, there is also the tab under the chair picture to download the full chair manual or view our warranty.



  • Up to 32 Types of Massages from Head-to-Toe.
  • 4 New Auto Programs (Ease, Activate, Body Care & Comfort).
  • provides you with A True Zero-Gravity Experience (seat, back, and leg can be adjusted, your feet can rise 12 full inches above your head).
  • Massaging Motors Strategically Placed Throughout Recliner.
  • This chair offers great "S" type ergonomic design with luxurious and classy finish, equipped with adjustable and automatic body scan for the upper body and shoulders.
  • Equipped with 3 Heating systems which give you the options of a built in Heated Back area, of built in Heated Feet area, and of an Infrared Jade Hand Held Heater in which 5 Helium-Neon bulbs use 5 jade rollers as infrared emitters.
  • Mechanical Massage Hands with muted voice design for an all new 3D Comfort Masseuse experience.
  • Equipped with VFD chromatic displayer, displays all chair functions.
  • 32 inches Rolling Stroke.
  • The product has one set of vertically adjustable, quad-roller, quiet and intellectual mechanical massage hands; it emulates six massage functions: rolling (back stretch), kneading, flapping, kneading & flapping, Shiatsu, knocking and vibrating.
  • Equipped with MP3 player, Flash Memory Card with USB Adaptor to download music, headphone, unique coffee tray.
  • Advanced Computer Chip and Digital Technology.
  • Removable Deluxe Arm Massager - Can stored behind the back pad to massage outer arm.
  • Manual and automatic control mode for the upper body.
  • Under the automatic mode, it offers multi-functional automatic massages. It has three combinations options of massage: the upper body, neck/shoulder, and back/waist.
    Under the manual mode, it offers three options of appointed massages in different regions: overall, partial or fixed. In the "fixed" position, the massage hand is adjustable upward and downward.
  • Each massage function has five-level speed options; the two massage hands have three width adjustment levels: wide, medium and narrow, while massage in modes of flapping, shiatsu and knocking.
  • Vibrating massage function in the buttocks and calves with three settings of high, low and off. The Vibration massage function stimulates the dilation of blood vessels. This helps create an elimination of impurities and toxins in your blood, tissues and organs.
  • Equipped lower body up to 42 air bags - not including arm airbags, with four massage modes and two levels of intensity.
  • There are ten sets of massage balls which are set in both calf and foot position to add strengthened massages to the peripheral areas of the calf muscles, and foot pressure points which reflect areas such as: lung, heart, liver, gallbladder, kidney, duodenum, pancreas, head, shoulder, esophagus, eye, ear, thyroid glands and trachea.
  • This product is designed with jade infrared heating massager; 5 jade gives out infrared through five helium-neon bulbs, temperature can be adjusted between 40°C- 70°C (104°F - 158°F) for heat therapy to increase blood circulation to improve the effects of the body massage. Jade heating massager can provide heat therapy throughout the whole body.
  • When you turn on the controller, the position of the massage hands in the shoulder can be adjusted slightly within a small range with five positions available respectively to the LCD display. When the controller is under recovery state, the massage mechanism will return back to the highest position of the backrest and stop massaging.
  • Improved positioning system, 6 adjusting buttons, the length of foot rest could be adjusted to suit different statures as well as the foot rest and backrest could be ascended and descended freely. The calf rest and backrest are power-operated and reclined respectively or calf separately (the calf rest and backrest can restore automatically).
  • Magazine / Newspaper holder on both sides.
  • Reclining, up to 180 degrees (flat, horizontal like a bed) to promote the better blood circulation.
  • Special safety design- when the calf rest is moving down and touches obstacles such as children or pets, the calf rest will stop automatically to help protect the safety of others.
  • 320 lbs. weight capacity.
  • Ultra-soft, High Quality, Synthetic Leather: Feels like genuine leather, but more durable because genuine leather can wear down from the frequent wear-and-tear caused by the movement of the massage components against the back.


Standard Limited Warranty
(Life time frame and 1 year on all electronics)

Extended warranty for life
(To extend the electrical warranty to 3 years is $389.00 A Series)

We offer our extended to 3 years warranty on the massage chair electronics, all electrical parts replaced new for 3 years less shipping and taxes. After the 3 years you get any electrical part at our cost from our manufacturer for life, you pay the same as we do + local shipping and taxes. Pickup is available at no charge for warranty covered parts, you also get 1 year free labor on repairs at our facility.  

Cosmetic Coverage

With the purchase of the extended warranty from the moment you buy the chair you get cosmetic coverage for life, any part of the chair damaged even if damaged by accident you pay only what we pay to have the part replaced. This includes any other cosmetic part of the chair that is not electronic, all coverings and exterior components of the chair. Damaged or just worn it doesn't matter, we have our manufacturer make replaceable parts for our customers to come with our following container orders. You pay our cost plus shipping/handling and pickup is free of any shipping charges, we have also added into the cosmetic coverage all internal mechanical components covered for life you get at cost. This virtually covers you on the entire chair, all electrical, cosmetic and mechanical components of the chair.