Luxor Health C-Series Massage Chair
Luxor Health C-Series Massage Chair
Luxor Health C-Series Massage Chair
Luxor Health C-Series Massage Chair
Luxor Health C-Series Massage Chair
Luxor Health C-Series Massage Chair

Luxor Health C-Series Massage Chair

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C-Series Massage Chair Brochure

The exact same chair from the exact same manufacturer as our C series chair sells at up to $4,999.00 at top named stores and wholesale outlets across Canada, same chairs from the exact same manufacturer and not a knockoff. We even have the newer model with the upgraded arm massagers that allow a greater range of massage for your arms, our C series chair is one of our best and top selling models. You can click on the chair picture or colors tab to the right to see the functions and other colors available, there is also the tab under the chair picture to download the full chair manual or view our warranty.


  • Shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking, massage and rolling six emulation massage models.
  • Automatic scan or the upper body massage points, shoulder position check with self adjustment.
  • Five characteristic massage function (comfort, body care, ease, activate Relax).
  • Upper body automatic massage (shoulder, back, waistoverall, partial and Fixed six choices).
  • Upper body manual massage (six choices: shoulder, back, waistoverall, partial, fixed) it is designed with five speed levels for each massage choice.
  • Under the state of flapping, shiatsu and knocking, the width of the Massage mechanism can be changed in three degrees: wide ,narrow and medium.
  • Under fixed state, the massage mechanism can move up and down to reach accurate position.
  • Lower body airbag massage function: equipped with 33 airbags, three modes and three levels of speed (Strong, medium and weak).
  • Arms airbag massage function: equipped with 36 airbags. Vibration massage function: set in the back and buttock position, there are three choices: strong, weak and off.
  • Music display and volume adjustment function; previous song, next song choice.
  • Music accompaniment function: back massage speed and vibration changes with the high frequency, buttock vibration strength changes with the middle frequency.
  • Under the music accompaniment state, the controller in the wire can be used to adjust the massage strength.
  • Automatic recline and decline function: it is designed with modes that the calf rest and backrest recline and decline separately, lie down.
  • Recover of the massage mechanism when turning off the chair.
  • It is equipped with one heater which use five Xiu jade as the infrared emission source, the temperature can be adjusted between 40 70.
  • It is equipped with seven color LCD, MP3 displayer, earphone and mini tea Table.
  • Temperature reset: the temperature can be adjusted between 40 to 70 degree.
  • Foot heating: it is equipped with infrared heating function in the sole.
  • Back heating: it is equipped with infrared heating function in the back, the temperature will rise 3 minutes after turning it on.



Standard Limited Warranty

Extended warranty for life
(To extend the electrical warranty to 5 years is $389.00 C Series)

We offer our extended to 5 years warranty on the massage electronics, all electrical parts replaced new for 5 years less shipping and taxes, after the 5 years you get any electrical part at our cost from our manufacturer for life, you pay the same as we do + shipping and taxes. (pickup is available at no charge for warranty covered parts, the same for after the warranty parts you would only pay the manufacturers cost + taxes ). You also get 1 year free labor on repairs at our facility

Cosmetic Coverage

With the purchase of the extended warranty from the moment you buy the chair you get cosmetic coverage for life, any part of the chair damaged even if damaged by accident you pay only what we pay to have the part replaced. This includes any other cosmetic part of the chair that is not electronic, all coverings and mechanical components of the chair it does not matter. Damaged or just worn it does not matter, we have our manufacturer make replaceable parts for our customers to come with our following container orders. You pay our cost plus shipping/handling, pickup if free is shipping charges.