Luxor Health F-A-Series Massage Chair
Luxor Health F-A-Series Massage Chair
Luxor Health F-A-Series Massage Chair
Luxor Health F-A-Series Massage Chair
Luxor Health F-A-Series Massage Chair
Luxor Health F-A-Series Massage Chair
Luxor Health F-A-Series Massage Chair
Luxor Health F-A-Series Massage Chair

Luxor Health F-A-Series Massage Chair

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Our FA series massage chair has all the massage functions you like at a great price like our F series, this models suggested retail price is about $4,200.00. If all you are looking for is a good massage along with the added features like heat, arm and seat massage this is the chair for you. It has a great massage for the upper body and also the legs and feet, It has great foot and leg massage as you get massaged on both sides of the feet and legs. It also massages behind the legs and under the feet, there is a unique function with this chair as the ankle part hinges back and forth, you can point your toes and bring them back moving the ankle section while getting the full massage.

You can click on the chair picture or colors tab to the right to see the functions and other colors available, there is also the tab under the chair picture to download the full chair manual or view our warranty.


  • Designed with a set of vertically movable , four-wheel driven muted massage hands.
  • Programmed with five kinds of emulation massage methods of
  • Shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking and synchronous kneading and flapping.
  • Automatic checking the position on shoulder.
  • Designed characteristic auto massage function: relax, pressure relieving, fitness,
  • comfort.
  • Automatic massage for the upper body with five options, namely overall, partial and fixed massage, with five levels of speed adjustable respectively. In the state of fixed massage, the massage hands can be moved up and down ;In the state of flapping, shiatsu and knocking, the width between the two kneading balls is adjustable with three levels: wide, medium and narrow.
  • Air-pressure massage for the lower body, the hips, foot, arms with four model selection and two levels of speed adjustable.
  • There are a pair of massage boards which are set in foot area to act strengthened massage to the periphery area of the foot point and the reflecting area such as lung, heart, liver, gallbladder, kidney, duodenum, pancreas, head, shoulder, esophagus, eye, ear, thyroid gland and trachea.
  • Backrest heating function for the back: with carbon fiber as infrared heat emitter.
  • Designed with electrically rise up and down for the calf rest separately or together with the backrest.
  • Calf rest can extend infinite and turnover freely
  • Massage hand reset after power off



Standard Limited Warranty
(Life time frame and 1 year on all electronics)


Extended warranty for life
(To extend the electrical warranty to 3 years is $389.00 FA Series)

We offer our extended to 3 years warranty on the massage chair electronics, all electrical parts replaced new for 3 years less shipping and taxes. After the 3 years you get any electrical part at our cost from our manufacturer for life, you pay the same as we do + local shipping and taxes. Pickup is available at no charge for warranty covered parts, you also get 1 year free labor on repairs at our facility.

Cosmetic Coverage

With the purchase of the extended warranty from the moment you buy the chair you get cosmetic coverage for life, any part of the chair damaged even if damaged by accident you pay only what we pay to have the part replaced. This includes any other cosmetic part of the chair that is not electronic, all coverings and exterior components of the chair. Damaged or just worn it doesn't matter, we have our manufacturer make replaceable parts for our customers to come with our following container orders. You pay our cost plus shipping/handling and pickup is free of any shipping charges, we have also added into the cosmetic coverage all internal mechanical components covered for life you get at cost. This virtually covers you on the entire chair, all electrical, cosmetic and mechanical components of the chair.